SP FIRAC National Group

Wojtek SP3IK, SP3PWL (Club), Janek SP5DZC (SO5D)
SP5PDA (Club), Mariusz SP5XSL, Zbyszek SP6BBE
Dionizy SP6IEQ (3Z6M), Stanisław SP6JOE, Wilek SP8AJC
SP8YZZ (Club), Wacek SP9EWM, Henryk SP9JPA (3Z8Z)
Krzysztof SP9UPK, SP9YFF (Club), Piotr SQ3JPV (SN3B)
Piotr SQ6PZW, Mariusz SQ8JLF, Józek SQ9EJ

See QSL cards with railway motifs at:

Railway Awards

Railway Awards

FIRAC: http://www.firac.de/html/firac-award.html
DL – FIRAC EFA: http://www.efa-dl.de/html/efa-dl.html
F – GRAC: http://le.grac.free.fr/
HA – FIRAC: http://www.firac-ha-hg.fw.hu/diploma.html
I – FIRAC GIRF: http://xoomer.virgilio.it/girf/
OE – FIRAC: http://www.qth.at/firac/firac-oe-diplom.htm

CE – Diploma Museo Ferroviario de Chile:
http://www.cpdxg.cl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=189&Itemid=106EA – Diploma Estaciones de Ferrocarriles Españoles:

LU – Diploma Estaciones Ferroviarias (DEF):
OK – Wien-Brno 160 Award:
ON – Belgian Railway Stations Award:
SV – The Orient Express Award:

UA – Transsib Award:

«Golden Echelon»
75 Years of the Beginning of the Blockade of Leningrad and Dispatch of the Coal Trains from Vorkuta. Collect 872 pts. for contacts (HRD’s) with the stations from the following Regions: City of St. Petersburg (R1A; RDA: SP), Leningrad Region (R1C; LO), Arkhangelsk Region (R1O; AR), Vologda Region (R1Q; VO), Komi Republic (R9X; KO), as well as the members of the “Arctica” Club. Any band, any mode, until 26 January 2019. Check the stations’ activity at: http://arctica.hamlog.ru/
Check the Rules and your score at and collect your Award from:http://arctica.hamlog.ru/diploms/eshelon/

«Baikal-Amur Mainline»
For QSO’s with 3 RDA counties of the Amur Region (R0J) through which the Baikal-Amur Mainline is running after 28.04.2016. Repeat QSO’s on different bands or with different modes are valid. Info: http://cqamur.ru/?page_id=2175
Check your status at:
«Steel Mainlines»
For 2 QSO’s with the following stations: R163VW R163VW/p (2014) R164VW R164VW/p (2015) R165VW R165VW/p (2016) RP72FV (May 2017). Repeat contacts are valid on different bands or with different modes. Or for contacts with RZ4AZ or RZ4AZ/p on three different bands, regardless of mode. Award Manager: RZ4AZInfo: http://r4a.hamlog.ru/